The Kharkiv Ecopark is almost destroyed by the shelling of the Russian army

The Kharkiv Ecopark, the home to about 5,000 animals, is almost destroyed by the shelling of the Russian army. If the last residents are not sheltered and evacuated  today, all of them will be put to sleep.

“To Kharkiv residents, I can say that the park no longer exists. Yesterday’s massive missile attack almost ruined it. Enclosures and all infrastructure were destroyed. Miraculously, tigers and lions survived. Their cages have been badly damaged, so animals can go outside at any time. The building for the bears is in critical condition. That is, today we have time to decide until the evening: either to put everyone to sleep or to accept some option of transportation,” the owner of the Ecopark Oleksandr Feldman said.

Animals die not only from the impact of bombs and shells that regularly hit the Ecopark but also from stress.

Oleksandr Feldman announced this on his official Facebook page.