The Kremlin’s Shady Horses: Sahra Wagenknecht

Sahra Wagenknecht. Supporter of restrictions on military assistance to Ukraine, critic of sanctions against Russia, and accuses Ukraine of transforming into a military base for the US

The project “Shady Horses” delves into investigating Russian propaganda dissemination within Western countries through prominent individuals, often referred to as “talking heads.”

By analyzing the influence and messaging of these figures, the project seeks to shed light on the tactics employed to spread Russian narratives, their impact on public opinion, and their potential connections to foreign organizations.

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Sahra Wagenknecht is a notable German radical-left politician, economist and publicist. She started her political career by joining the ruling Socialist Unity Party in 1989. Later, she became a leader within the GDR-nostalgic Kommunistische Plattform, initially within the Party of Democratic Socialism, which later transformed into the Left Party (Die Linke). Her ideology as leader of the Left Party was identified as “ the most reactionary, nationalist positions of Stalinism”.

Recently, Wagenknecht announced the launch of a separate political party, accompanying this news with an article titled “Stand Up for Peace.” In left-wing circles, this document is already being referred to as a militarist manifesto, and Wagenknecht herself is said to foster German nationalism with a reactionary agenda.

Sarah Wagenknecht is a popular opinion leader for Russian propaganda. She has consistently promoted pro-Kremlin narratives since 2015, when she called Russia’s invasion of Donbas a “civil war supported by neo-Nazis”. Wagenknecht regularly justifies the Russian war of aggression with Ukraine’s possible NATO membership, criticizes the sanctions against Russia and uses the manipulation of pacifism, trying to incline Ukraine to negotiations. But this is not the whole list of Wagenknecht’s words, because of which she is called a “pro-Putin” politician…

Who is this Shady Horse? Sahra Wagenknecht, a politician, economist and publicist. 

Where are they from? Germany

Political affiliation? Former leader of the Left Party (Die Linke)

What have they been saying?

If the West had signaled that NATO membership for Ukraine was taboo, if it had not brought into office a Kyiv government in which neo-Nazis were involved, then the events in Crimea probably would not have happened. But it was a very clear policy of the West to pit Ukraine against Russia.


And do you rule out sanctions against Russia? They don’t do anything. I also see economic interests behind it. If Europe stops buying Russian gas, suppliers of expensive US fracking gas will be happy. The economic war is particularly damaging to the European and German economies. That is why the USA is pushing it forward.


Further German support can only be provided if Zelensky withdraws his decree that explicitly prohibits negotiations with Russia.


If we talk about aggressors, then what is US policy? Russia has legitimate security interests, but the West has ignored them for years. It humiliated Russia through NATO’s eastward expansion and the planned deployment of missiles. It is understandable that Russia wants to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO. That’s why Putin has now put up a stop sign.