To our friends and allies in the EU, Ukraine thanks you!

Since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion on Ukraine, Ukraine and its partners have united, closer than ever before in order to defend against Russia’s heinous attacks on Ukraine. Thank you to our allies for all your continued support. Ukraine thanks you!

With this day (February 1) rounding off with some extraordinary news—unlocking the 50 billion euros to help Ukraine in its recovery and rebuilding efforts—we would like to thank our EU partners and all those involved in achieving this monumental goal. Your solidarity, EU, has been a steadfast anchor amid our nation’s defense, a crucial key to survival against Russia’s aggression. From the outset, you’ve provided strength, power, a sense of home, and hope for a united future. We are forever grateful for your support. May this milestone be one more stride toward a better, safer, and more democratic future, with Ukraine strongly by your side.