Top Hybrid Influences of the Week in Ukraine

2021-08-20-Top hybrid influences

These are the key hybrid influences in Ukraine we have monitored within our #HybridWeekly rubric:

  • One of the main pro-Kremlin channels “Nash” is facing a lawsuit regarding the hate speech it promotes through the messages about “fascism” and “civil war” in Ukraine, as well as the promotion of the communist totalitarian regime. In this regard, the channel and other pro-Russian media have spread the narrative as though Ukrainian authorities limit free speech and suppress dissent. “Nash” is notorious for pushing the messages of Russian propaganda and serving as a platform for the Communist Party, which is banned in Ukraine.
  • In the light of the recent developments in Afghanistan, the pro-Kremlin forces have intensified their campaign to undermine Ukraine’s relations with the US. They promote the narrative as though Washington is going to abandon Ukraine as it already did with Afghanistan. This also aids the strategic goal of disinformation – sowing dismay among Ukrainians through portraying Ukraine as a weak state left alone in the face of Russian aggression.
  • Traditionally, as the anniversary of Ukraine’s independence approaches, the pro-Kremlin forces intensify their efforts to discredit Ukrainian sovereignty. In particular, Russian agents of influence exploit the “external governance” narrative and portray Ukraine as an “understate” that essentially has no independence. Through such attacks, they attempt to devaluate Ukraine as a state, undermine Ukraine’s partnership with its Western allies and divert it from the course of European integration.