We are the team of Ukraine Crisis Media Center. We deal with information, analytics, cultural diplomacy, counter propaganda and debunk the populist myths about the politics of “simple solutions”. We created the Uchoose project for you to have a choice to read, think, analyze and get inspired. 

On Uchoose.info we talk media hygiene, critical thinking, and logic, and debunk stereotypes. We joke and are being hooligan-ish, we draw funny pictures, shoot quirky videos and collaborate with the authors whom we consider the best. We talk about complex themes but are not looking for simple solutions, we just seek a simple and exciting form. Too much bullshit is being done with a serious face. Our rule is to keep asking ourselves: “Am I doing bullshit?”

Freedom and impartiality are a priority

This resource has no political financing and will never have! We are not campaigning for any concrete politician, we are not a platform to express any particular political position. Freedom and impartiality is what matters to us, it is our priority.

For more information visit our web site: http://uchoose.info