Latin America: a pro-Russian continent?

Latin America may seem to be a region too far from Ukraine and Russia that has unleashed one of the bloodiest wars in Europe after WWII to be preoccupied with its developments – nevertheless, it will feel the impact of aggression as well. They key area is food security, the threats to which constituted by Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports, disrupted logistical chains, attacks on agricultural infrastructure and undermined sowing campaign are already felt far and wide.

The countries of Latin America were already experiencing inflation and rise of the food prices – a situation brewing public unrest, which will only be aggravated by the effects of Russian aggression on the food markets around the globe. So it appears that Russo-Ukrainian war should be watched closely by the decision-makers and stakeholders in Argentina, Chile, Peru and other countries of what can sometimes be called “Global South”.

Nevertheless, there is evident lack of unity regarding Russian aggression among the countries of Latin America, partially generated by the previous lack of Ukrainian presence on the agenda of these states and corresponding shortage of expertise – aggravated by long-term Russian soft power and economic influence. Argentina, Chile and Columbia have declared their open support for Ukraine, while Venezuela – quite predictably – serves as a key Russian ally in the region, supporting its aggression against Ukraine and criticizing the sanctions. However, Maduro’s regime does not enjoy the substantial level of influence in the region, and so the position of more potent countries – namely, Mexico and Brazil – may be considered of greater importance. Yet they have been rather cautious in public statements, and Mexico has refused to implement sanctions against Russia.

The discrepancies and crucial differences of the region, driving its countries’ policies and perception of Russo-Ukrainian war is an issue to be explored in Ukraine In Flames #100.


  • Denys Pilash, Latin America focused analyst.

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