Ukrainian Diaspora: distant struggle for the historical Fatherland

Since the start of Russia’s large-scale aggression, Ukrainian diasporas in the whole world have united to become the powerful global voice of Ukraine. Living thousands of miles from Ukraine, these people do not stay silent: they organize massive rallies in support of Ukraine, go for interviews, influence decision-makers in different countries, advocate for providing Ukraine with the weapons and defensive systems, and demand sanctions against Russia.

While millions of Ukrainian refugees were forced to flee Ukraine due to Russian aggression, Ukrainian communities, such as Ukrainian World Congress, uniting 20M Ukrainians in over 60 countries, opened their homes and their hearts to help. Global organizations, such as the Ukrainian World Congress, not only assist millions of displaced Ukrainians and raise funds for humanitarian aid but also fight on the international front to deal with the world’s “tiredness of war”. Calling for Ukraine’s membership in the EU and NATO, demanding anti-Russia sanctions, and lobbying for boycotts and embargoes on Russia’s economy, they keep drawing attention to Ukraine and calling politicians and communities to Stand With Ukraine.

Ukrainians abroad advocate for providing Ukrainian defenders with protective equipment, weapons, and defensive systems, gather millions of dollars in humanitarian and military aid, and support a well-developed network of credible volunteer organizations. Even being far from their homeland, Ukrainians remain part of one big identity, willing to restore justice, and help rebuild the country after the victory over Russian invaders – and Ukraine much appreciates their help and their voices.


  • Paul Grod, President of Ukrainian World Congress
  • Vira Konyk, head of Congress of Ukrainians of Estonia, president of Ukrainian World Congress in Eastern Europe
  • Olena Nazarenko, activist of Ukrainian community in Italy, regional coordinator of Association “Italy-Ukraine Maidan”.

UKRAINE IN FLAMES project is created by Ukraine Crisis Media CenterUkrainian Catholic University’s analitical center and NGO “Euroatlantic Course”.  We are aiming at searching a loud support for Ukraine in the war started by Russia on the 24th of February 2022.

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