Russian assault on Ukrainian Constitution through the years

Ukraine celebrates the Constitution Day on June 28, an important holiday for an independent state and a democratic society, both things that Russia has aimed to exterminate as part of its hybrid war against Ukraine. Prior to Russia’s full-scale invasion, the aggressor country invested great efforts into imposing constitutional changes on Ukraine concerning the status of individual regions, the North Atlantic and European course of the state, etc.

Unlike a rather authoritarian Russian consitution, the Ukrainian one has a very European design, especially after the constitutional reform in 2004. The reasons behind such a difference are connected with the history and political culture in Ukraine and Russia. Cherished traditions of self-government and democracy, Magdeburg law in Ukraine are just some of the things that created historical background for a marked distinction from the constitution of Russia, and this once again demonstrates the abyss between the aggressor country and the Ukrainian nation.

This is also a day of increased possibility of Russian missile strikes and shelling targeting civilian objects and gatherings of people in the continuation of the terrorist acts that Russia has intensified in the recent days. Only over the course of previous several days Russian missiles destroyed residential buildings, a kindergarden, a shopping mall, and dozens of civilians were killed, even more injured.


  • Olexiy Haran, Professor of NaUKMA,Research Director of Democratic Initiatives Foundation
  • Mykola Davydiuk, political expert and activist.

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