Even war has rules: Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine

While the Russian army does not progress in Ukraine and the goals of Russian “special military operation” are constantly changing, the occupiers compensate for the lack of military success with war crimes, which is a blatant violation of all existing rules and laws of war.

Kremlin propaganda is systematically gaslighting Ukraine, blaming it for the food crisis at the exact same time when Russians steal Ukrainian grain and burn everything they cannot steal, when they kill civilians, rape, torture, and take hostages. Terror and intimidation of the civilian population is so far the biggest achievement of the “liberation army”.

However, all Russian war crimes are now being tracked, documented, and verified to be later used as evidence during the international tribunal. Other countries and international organizations also monitor these crimes and even create special units for investigation. Every Russian criminal will be held accountable, and the evil will eventually be punished.


  • Halyna Coynash, member of Kharkiv Human Rights Group
  • Oleksandra Romantsova, Center for Civil Liberties CEO
  • Oleksandra Matviichuk, human rights defender, Center for Civil Liberties

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