Heart of Azov: City of Berdiansk under Russian occupation

The port city of Berdiansk on the Sea of ​​Azov was occupied by the Russian invading forces in the very beginning of the war: on 27-28 February. Since then, the city has had no gas, no Ukrainian mobile communications, almost no access to Ukrainian products and medicine. While Berdiansk residents fiercely resisted Russian troops in the first weeks of the occupation, the repressions against people with pro-Ukrainian views also escalated.

For many, Berdiansk has become a symbol of fearless Ukrainian resistance, as the videos of peaceful pro-Ukrainian protesters standing up to the armed Russian soldiers circulated the web. Those brave activists that organized and attended such protests later faced the horrors of Russian captivity, as did the workers of law enforcement, emergency services, local authorities, etc. Reports of torture against those who refused to collaborate with the occupeirs are frequent, including beating, shock torture, choking with a plastic bag, and many more.

The occupying authorities have been trying to break the spirit of the city’s residents by instilling terror and entirely isolating them from any alternative sources of information. However, despite having no opportunity to demonstrate their position, Ukrainians in Berdiansk are waiting for the AFU’s counteroffensive and the liberation of the city from Russian occupation.


  • Oleksandr Pylypenko, head of NGO “Platform for Social Interaction”, journalist at “Locator.Online”
  • Iryna Petrovska, volunteer
  • Inesa Atamanchuk, journalist, volunteer

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