West not to put pressure on Ukraine to sign Minsk-3 deal, – Dr. Umland

As punishment for strong support for Ukraine and sanctions against Russia, the Kremlin has
significantly reduced flows of natural gas to Europe. Thus, the region is facing an extraordinary energy crisis.

Due to the cut-off in supplies from Russia, natural gas is becoming too expensive for industrial use and power generation. This may dramatically affect the economy across Europe, especially the chemical and metal industries, which are highly reliant on gas.

European countries are already trying to switch to alternative suppliers but the amount of natural gas obtained via them may not be enough. At the same time, it is also risky for Russia itself to cut the supplies to Europe, as it is impossible for it to compensate for losses by transporting large amounts of gas to other markets due to the lack of infrastructure.


  • Andreas Umland, political scientists, Analyst at Stockholm Centre for Eastern European Studies

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