Estonia: Help to Ukraine

Having experienced the Soviet occupation, the horrors of repressions and persecution were deeply ingrained in Estonians’ memories and passed on to further generations. Estonia has long been a reliable partner of Ukraine and is now among the countries that provide Ukraine with the most military and humanitarian aid per capita in the face of Russian aggression.

To date, the Estonian government has provided Ukraine with a total of 250 million euros in military aid and plans to deliver more, including mortars and anti-tank weaponry. A total of 100,082 refugees have entered Estonia since the outbreak of the full-scale war in Ukraine, of whom 56,566 have remained in the country, the total population of which is about 1.3 million.

There is a strong understanding in the Estonian society that Ukrainians are fighting not only for their country’s freedom but for all Europeans too: if Ukraine falls, sooner or later, the rest of the Western society will be attacked as well. Estonia is in the fight against the Russian brutal invaders along with Ukraine and will continue its steadfast support until Ukraine’s complete victory!


  • Artur Aukon, Project Head Expert at the Estonian Centre for International Development
  • Tiina Ilsen, expert on the countries of the Eastern Partnership
  • Ando Kiviberg, Leading Expert at the Estonian Centre for International Development
  • Ilmar Raag, film director, NGO Slava Ukraini activist

UKRAINE IN FLAMES project is created by Ukraine Crisis Media Center and NGO “Euroatlantic Course”. We are aiming at searching a loud support for Ukraine in the war started by Russia on the 24th of February 2022.

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