Ukraine in NATO and Russia’s nuclear threats. Interview with Valeriy Chaly

After Putin announced the illegal annexation of four Ukrainian regions, Ukraine applied for a fast-track NATO accession. Valeriy Chaly, UCMC Chair of the Board, asserts that this is symbolic and demonstrates that Ukraine will never give up or change its direction of national freedom and security.

‘I’m sure that after the de-occupation of the territories of Ukraine, this discussion about NATO membership for Ukraine will be absolutely realistic,’ Valeriy Chaly says.

Ukraine got the status of NATO’s partner in the 1990s and applied for NATO membership in 2008. During the large-scale Russian invasion in 2022, Ukraine received many NATO weapons to defend and liberate its own territories, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been successfully using them on the battlefield.

When Ukraine liberates all its territories annexed or occupied by Russia, the threat of Russian re-invasion of Ukraine, Poland, Baltic countries, Finland, and other European countries will still remain high. That’s why Ukraine’s official presence in NATO is more than essential.


  • Valeriy Chaly, Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States (2015-2019), Chair of the UCMC Board

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