How will the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine take place?

It will cost at least $600 billion to rebuild and reconstruct Ukraine to its pre-war capacity. The country has lost at least $100 billion in direct infrastructural damage during the first weeks of war. Ukraine’s GDP will drop by 30 to 50% in 2022.

A three stage restoration plan – the U-24 Ukraine Recovery Plan – was announced by the Government of Ukraine. The first stage is ongoing: the local authorities are cleaning up and restoring the destroyed facilities temporarily. The second stage will be a quick recovery immediately after the end of hostilities. It is necessary to restore supply of water and electricity, as well as provide housing, already in 2022. The third stage, according to the plan, is a big stage of a full-fledged renewal of Ukrainian infrastructure and transport system, which will be the most costly and the longest stage. It will develop in parallel with the political process of Ukraine’s entry into the European Union.

To fund the recovery plan, Ukraine will rely on international donations in the nearest future and expects to attract investments into its growing economy.

Ukraine in Flames #48 will further discuss what the most urgent tasks and long term strategic priorities are in rebuilding Ukraine after the Russian aggression.


  • Anatolii Tkachuk, director of science and development at NGO “Civic society institute”
  • Vadym Novikov, economist.

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