IT army of Ukraine – tech during the war

The Ukrainian business is actively contributing to Ukraine’s victory by fundraising, coordinating and delivering help to the frontline. The Ukrainian IT is not only Ukraine’s fastest growing business sector with 36% increase in exports in 2021 ($5 billion to $6,8 billion) but also one of the most innovative and successful in providing the essentials to the military.

As the volunteer movement exploded on the first days of the war, IT companies used their proficiency in project management to quickly set priorities, specialize in certain types of help and use their international contacts to facilitate essential imports for the Army. Some help the internally displaced persons, some buy and deliver military hardware, others specialize in life-saving medical hardware. As individuals, 3% of IT specialists found their calling in the Ukrainian Army, and 9% joined the cyber frontline against the aggressor.

Being resilient during the war meant having responsibility for your assets and staff. Most of the companies were able to swiftly relocate their offices. So far, Ukrainian IT managed to maintain 95% of their pre-war contracts, meaning they effectively adapted to the challenging new environment and kept most of their employees. 77% of companies managed to find new clients during the war. The Ukrainian government understands it is important to support the IT sector and its contribution to Ukraine’s GDP for the wartime stability of the Ukrainian economy.


  • Valentyn Koriako, Delivery Centre Director at Levi9 Ukraine
  • Oleh Derevianko, entrepreneur, Co-founder & Chairman of ISSP – Information Systems Security Partners
  • Nadiia Omelchenko, Vice President of IT Integrator
  • Evhen Hostishchev, Director at Dnipro IT Community.

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