How do Ukrainian journalists work during the war?

June 6 in Ukraine marks the Day of the Journalist – a professional holiday of Ukrainian journalists and all those who work in the media. This year, the professional holiday of media workers is overshadowed by the war in Ukraine and the deaths of dozens of media people during the fighting. A little over a month ago, it became known that all of them were awarded a special distinction by the Pulitzer Prize Council – “For Courage and Devotion to the Truth.”
Risking the most valuable thing – their own lives – military correspondents always make a choice in favor of word and frame. And as pathetic as it may sound, they become the eyes and voice of war.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, according to the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, the occupiers have killed more than 30 Ukrainian and foreign media outlets. Some of them died defending Ukraine in the ranks of the Armed Forces, some – during the shelling of peaceful cities, others were killed by the occupiers in the war zone during the daily journalistic work.

These are strikingly significant figures. According to the International Federation of Journalists, 45 journalists have been killed worldwide in 2021, only 6 in Europe.
Among these journalists who died at the hands of the Russians are, for example, Max Levin, Vera Girich, Maxim Medinsky, Viktor Dudar, Alexander Kuvshinov, Alexander Makhov, Yuri Oliynyk and other true professional heroes. In addition, the list of Russian crimes against the media in Ukraine includes the murder and abduction of journalists, the shelling and seizure of TV towers, and hacking attacks on information resource sites.

Eternal memory and deep respect for all of them, who did not betray the vocation of journalism, no matter what. And to those reporters, photojournalists, editors, investigators, TV presenters, journalists and other journalists who continue to work at such a time and bring the victory of Ukraine closer, glory and honor!


  • Mykola Balaban, Deputy Head of the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security of Ukraine
  • Tetyana Troshchynska, Editor-in-Chief of Hromadske Radio
  • Otar Dovzhenko, Editor-in-Chief of Detector Media
  • Olena Kalaytan, Head of the Donetsk regional union of journalists
  • Yurii Larin, journalist from Kharkiv

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