Hero city of Mykolaiv: life in Ukraine’s southern fortress

For over three months of large-scale war, the southern city of Mykolaiv has been living close to the front line. Day and night, Russian troops shell the city with the use of multiple rocket launchers. After more than 100 days of bloody intervention, the residents mastered new skills and now can easily distinguish missile strikes from artillery strikes. Having lost the water supply from Kherson city, which is now occupied, Mykolaiv was living without water for about a month. Now, only technical water is available.

However, life goes on against all odds, even under constant enemy shellings. People found their strength in unity: hiding in the basements and bomb shelters, they support each other, seal the windows together and provide elderly people with drinking water. With many plants and enterprises closed, the majority of citizens left Mykolaiv. Elderly people and youth who kept their jobs, stayed and now do everything possible to bring victory closer. Despite the brutal Russian attacks which end up with victims every day, all municipal services continue their work, as well as the TV channels with journalists working in armored vests and helmets and the volunteers keep on providing people with humanitarian aid and drinking water.

Mykolaiv stays strong as one big family so the Russian world faces fierce resistance here. The city supports the military who are now doing their best to save lives and believes in the army and the close victory of Ukraine. The hero city of Mykolaiv is not going to give up and will stand as long as necessary with all citizens, military, and civilians, fighting on their own fronts.


  • Oleksandr Senkevych, Mayor of Mykolaiv
  • Nadia Babanska, Mayor of Mostove, Mykolaiv region
  • Dmytro Kanarskyi, Head of the department of standardization and implementation of electronic management of the Mykolaiv City Council
  • Iulia Akimova, journalist in Prestupnosti.Net
  • Anna Butenko, volunteer.

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