Updated Enemy losses as of May 8

On May 8, 2023, the enemy attacked Ukraine using Iranian Shahed attack UAVs, but all 35 drones were destroyed by the AFU. Russia continued their tactics of terror, launching 16 missile strikes and multiple attacks, causing casualties and damaging civilian infrastructure.

Heavy fighting is ongoing in Bakhmut and Maryinka, and the enemy is evacuating locals from Tokmak to Berdiansk.

AFU carried out strikes on enemy personnel and military equipment, and destroyed 2 attack and 6 reconnaissance UAVs. They also hit enemy control points, concentration areas, and ammunition depots, resulting in 540 enemy casualties and the destruction of 7 tanks, 5 armored vehicles, 8 artillery systems, 42 UAVs, 6 vehicles, and 4 units of special equipment.

With the upcoming Russian Holiday on May 9th, General staff warn further missile and air strikes are likely