A missile attack on the center of Vinnytsia: Russians killed 12 civilians, including a baby

© SES of Ukraine

On July 14, Russian terrorists launched a missile attack on the center of Vinnytsia. Russian rockets hit a building with office space. As of 12:40 p.m., 12 civilians, including a baby, were killed as a result of the rocket attack, and 25 were wounded, as reported by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. 

The rockets landed in the parking lot near the eight-story Jubilee Building. The Officers’ House and nearby residential buildings were also damaged by the blows. 

Previously, according to the police, 3 rockets hit the center of Vinnytsia. The head of the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration, Serhiy Borzov, also reported that 4 rockets were shot down by air defense forces over the region.

“Every day, Russia destroys the civilian population, kills Ukrainian children, and directs rockets at civilian objects, where there is no military infrastructure. What is this, if not an open act of terrorism? Inhumans. A killer state. A terrorist state,” President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy commented on the missile attack on Vinnytsia.