Russia’s war crimes: airstrike on schools, apartment buildings in Chernihiv kills 33

Вторгнення РФ в Україну Чернігів обстріл житлових будинків

On March 3, Russia’s airstrike on two schools and apartment buildings in Chernihiv killed 33.

“The Russian troops conducted an airstrike on an apartment complex in central Chernihiv,” said head of the Chernihiv regional military administration Vyacheslav Chaus. “The missiles struck a number of apartment buildings damaging windows, walls, roofs, balconies, and carcass. There are no military targets nearby. There are hospitals, several schools and kindergarten facilities, and dozens of apartment buildings in the area,” he said.   

The air raid also hit two schools and individual houses in Chernihiv’s district Stara Podusivka, the head of the regional administration added. At least 33 civilians were killed and 18 injured, Ukraine’s State Emergency Service said.

This news piece was updated to include the casualty toll.