War crimes of the Russian Federation: civilians were killed as a result of air strike on Zhytomyr


On March 1, at about 10:16 PM., the Russian occupiers launched an air strike on private houses in Zhytomyr. Two civilians were killed and three were injured. According to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SES), there might be people in the rubble of damaged private houses. 

This is another Putin’s war crime, the genocide of Ukrainians by a sick dictator. Preliminary, 10 private houses were damaged, 3 of them caught fire. 

The attack of the occupiers was probably aimed at the base of the 95th Air Assault Brigade. But the strike hit the homes of civilians and also damaged the maternity hospital building. Lying-in women and newborns were evacuated to shelters. 95 people and 14 units of equipment were involved by the SES.