Weekly Collection of RUSpropaganda Rhetoric: “Russia has too many points of views”

Propaganda Digest: This is our weekly analysis that exposes the most exaggerated, misleading, and outrageous rhetoric from recent Russian media sources, aimed at promoting critical thinking to better debunk the manipulation of Russian propaganda.

Konstantin Knyrik, Head of News Front, Russian Propagandist

On Zelensky’s ‘Concerns’ of Elections Looming

Zelensky is extremely worried about everything – he talks about the noise of elections and says that we shouldn’t think about this during a war. But, elections are one of the arguments the Americans are using to keep Zelenksy in order. “

Truth: Amid Ukraine’s current challenges of retaking its occupied territory, President Zelensky postpones election discussions to prioritize the war and Russia’s attacks on Ukraine’s energy system. Despite recent political controversies, he maintains a strong position in polls, emphasizing his commitment to responsibilities over election concerns, for now.

“Zelensky is finished”

Given the fact that  these meetings with Biden, bringing notes with him, reading exactly what is written, speak to the fact that, that Zelensky, the one who was always demanding something from America or criticizing them, is finished!

Truth: Standard practice for any politician in high level talks – agenda notes

On Zelensky’s ‘Deadline’ 

Zelensky has a deadline, though it is unclear when and what it is. He must show his effectiveness. As part of this effectiveness, we must anticipate increased terrorist operations  and many fakes linked to the frontline.

Truth: Russia is employing the “project and reflect” method, seeking to depict Ukraine as a terrorist nation, despite the fact that Russia is responsible for terrorist attacks on the Ukrainian population, including infrastructure assaults, strikes on civilian settlements, and daily missile attacks.

“On the ‘Remarkable’ Polish Initiative to Control Ukrainian Territory”

Also, the Polish initiative to control Ukrainian territory is underway; just look at this conflict, which is completely fabricated, manufactured, and has been quite sharply waged by the Polish. It could be for two reasons: one is electoral, as the Polish people are concerned about the Ukrainian people [in their country], and the other is that the government could announce peacekeeping missions, both NATO or non-NATO missions, to take control of certain regions of Ukraine. I don’t rule out the possibility that this will be one of the scenarios that Americans can use to get out of this perplexing ‘Ukrainian project.’

Truth: While an ongoing election in Poland may signal political changes amid the full-scale war, it’s crucial to recognize that the Russian propaganda narrative, driven by President Putin long before the war, aims to foster tension between Ukraine and Poland, particularly regarding territorial ambitions in western Ukraine.

On The Ukrainian Exodus: Poland’s Secret Strategy

Ukraine needs the Ukrainians who are currently in Poland back, and thus the next phase of this conflict will be the deportation of Ukrainians required for the front lines. If the experiment in Poland now succeeds, other countries will follow suit, they will create intolerable conditions for the refugees, causing them to return, and thus the conflict will be much larger than just the grain issue. 

Truth: Ukraine has recently announced there is no urgent need for additional mobilization.

Armen Gasparyan Writer, TV and Radio Presenter, Russian Propagandist

Freedom of Speech Overload: When Everyone Has Something to Say!

Do you not think we now have too many points of view? Points of view from liberals, communists in the state duma, and monarchists.

Truth: In fact, total censorship reigns in Russia. Political opposition has been crushed. According to the Democracy Index 2022, Russia – the level of democratic freedoms in Russia is one of the lowest in the world.

Yulia Vityazeva, Film Producer, Radio host and Russian Propagandist

“I am not a monster to wish for the death of Ukrainians”

And don’t tell me now that I am a monster who wishes for the death of a “brotherly nation”. I wish for the death of Ukraine. A terrorist country, which to this day lives, among other things, at the expense of taxes paid by those very moderate and adequate. Who doesn’t care about the murdered Russian children and for whom the most important thing is to get their asses handed to them by the outcome of this war. A war that was unleashed with their tacit approval.

Truth: The Kremlin’s real goal in the war is not the occupation of territories, but the destruction of Ukrainian statehood.

Marina Akhmedova, Member of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation, Russian Propagandist

On Ukraine’s Offensive: A Political Show for Western Allies

The Ukrainian offensive is merely a show for the West’s allies. And the more bloody the show, the more watchable it is, and the more political benefits it provides to customers. Everyone is aware of this, including Zaluzhny, who agreed to participate in this show. And the offensive hasn’t even started yet. However, no one believes Ukrainian words any longer. Our offensive on the front is expected any day now.

Truth: In fact, since the beginning of the Ukrainian offensive, Russia has been losing territory almost every day. At the same time, the occupation contingent is being depleted in defensive battles, so Moscow does not have the resources to break through the Ukrainian defense.

Sergey Klyuchenkov (Marden), Russian ‘Journalist’ and Propagandist

On the Successful Ukrainian Strike on Sevastopol 

If an attack on an important military facility is carried out by the United States and Great Britain, this is a reason to start a war or, at a minimum, retaliatory strikes. By headquarters, bases, warships and ports. Is anyone expecting strikes on the RAF base in Malta? Or at least regarding American military bases in the Baltic states?

Truth: Russia is afraid to attack NATO because it will suffer a military defeat.