How life fades away

Everything comes back. Severodonetsk will also come back. The question is in what condition? The enemy is turning Donbas into ashes. The bloody chariot of war crushes everything along the way – industrial enterprises, residential quarters, schools, kindergartens. Enemy artillery, fighter jets, tanks – all together seem to pull the root of life out of the ground.

The Ice Palace – one of the two hallmarks of the city – is gone. There are only memories left about major competitions, the arrival of sports stars, famous performers, and the meetings of deputies of various levels, which in 2004 provided the spark that ignited the future conflict. When and what will be able to extinguish it?

We continue to give the floor to journalists who witnessed the crimes of the Russian invaders. Their stories add more pages to a huge court case, which will certainly end with a verdict against those who came with the war to the Ukrainian land.

Maryna Tereshchenko, Luhansk-Severodonetsk-Dnipro 


Video is prepared within the project “Countering Disinformation in Southern and Eastern Ukraine” funded by the European Union