Zaluzhnyi Article: Weekly Collection of RUSpropaganda Rhetoric, debunked!

Propaganda Digest: This is our weekly analysis that exposes the most exaggerated, misleading, and outrageous rhetoric from recent Russian media sources, aimed at promoting critical thinking to better debunk the manipulation of Russian propaganda.

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Rostislav Ishchenko, Russian ‘political scientist’

Zaluznhyi, like Zelensky, is willing to fight until the last Ukrainian. It is understandable given that he has committed numerous unlawful war crimes as commander of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, and virtually all of the crimes committed in this war can be blamed on them both. After all, it is their orders that they [the AFU] have carried out.


This is a classic tactic used in Russian propaganda, attempting to manipulate the narrative to justify and equate the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) with war criminals. However, a wealth of well-documented evidence by international bodies shows it is, in fact, Russia’s military who is the war criminals, committing numerous acts of torture, rape, and inhumane killings, including beheadings and castrations, throughout this war. 

Furthermore, the attacks on critical infrastructure and civilian complexes, resulting in the deaths of thousands, and the attempts to disrupt Ukraine’s energy supply in 2022, have been thoroughly documented by the United Nations as war crimes. An ongoing investigation is in progress to determine whether these acts were carried out with the intent of committing genocide against Ukraine.

Sergei Mikheyev, Russian ‘political scientist’

Now they [Zalyzhnyi and Zelensky] have two options: Win [the war] or face life in prison. For Zaluzhnyi, it appears that he is on board with the option of Russia not completely wiping out Ukraine and for there to be instead some kind of conditions for peace. Not the stupid unrealistic ‘Russian surrender’ we often hear, but a peace that Russia would agree to. 


Zaluzhnyi, much like other Ukrainian officials, has made it unequivocally clear that this war will only come to an end when Ukraine regains the borders it had in 1991. He emphasized, “Our goal is to liberate all Ukrainian land from Russian occupation, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces will not engage in negotiations until Russia withdraws from the occupied territories.” Therefore, any claim that he would be content with a peace deal is baseless disinformation and exists solely in Mikheyev’s imagination.

Mykola Azarov, Former Ukrainian PM, and Ukrainian Traitor

Biden’s administration put Zelensky in this position, and any failure of Zelensky will be considered a failure of Biden’s. So, if there is a change in political leadership in America, such as Republicans, there will be a change in leadership in Ukraine. They’ve always had a reserved persona in their pockets [of the Ukrainian government] by tradition, so when they put forward Yushchenko, they also prepared the next few at the same time.


Russian propaganda has persistently promoted the notion that the United States wields significant influence in Ukraine, suggesting that everything happening in the country is contingent on the approval of so-called “curators.” This is a myth propagated by Russian propaganda with the aim of undermining the legitimacy of Ukrainian authorities, portraying them as incapable of self-governance. Additionally, this narrative is used to bolster the false idea that the United States is essentially encircling Russia, thereby attempting to justify its actions to its audience (and those susceptible to the narrative), including its full-scale invasion, as a purported act of self-defense.

Spiridon Kilinkarov, ‘Political scientist’ 

The issue with Zelenskyy is that he thought he was much more important for Biden and the West than he actually was, which is to say that he thought they wouldn’t replace him, but it turns out they don’t have a great deal of interest in him. 


The idea that Zelensky is unimportant to Biden and the West is a distortion. A recent poll by The Economist/YouGov on October 25th showed that 50% of American adults view Zelensky favorably, while only 42% view Biden and Trump favorably. This highlights Zelensky’s influence. With the US elections approaching, a Ukrainian victory could boost Biden’s image as a defender of the “free world” and align with Democrats’ preferences, given the significant US investment in Ukraine. An alternative war outcome could harm Biden’s campaign.

Yulia Vityazeva, Radio Host and Propagandist

The less money, weapons, and attention Kyiv receives, the more serious the provocations and crimes will be. […] Slutsky [Leonid Slutsky Member of the State Duma] correctly writes that the Anglo-Saxons appear to be open to “dumping” Zelensky’s puppet, which has gone off the rails, and holding elections in the warring country. However, shifting the locations of sums will have no effect. 


Vityazeva, along with Simonyan and other propagandists, have consistently tried to depict Zelensky as a delusional drug addict since the start of the war. They have dedicated significant time and rhetoric to this narrative, even launching a video campaign that portrays him as such on the eve of the latest NATO summit. However, it’s nothing but a cheap blow with no substance. Also one must note that the only crimes committed stem from the Russian military, and every moment they remain on Ukrainian territory serves as evidence for this, beginning back in 2014.