Zelensky’s Diplomatic Push in the US to Advocate for 2024 Military Aid: Weekly Collection of RUSpropaganda Rhetoric, Debunked!

Propaganda Digest: This is our weekly analysis that exposes the most exaggerated, misleading, and outrageous rhetoric from recent Russian media sources, aimed at promoting critical thinking to better debunk the manipulation of Russian propaganda.

Topic: Zelensky’s Diplomatic Push in the US to Advocate for 2024 Military Aid


As Ukraine fortifies its defence positions for the winter and prepares for Russia’s missile barrage on its energy infrastructure, not to mention planning future operations for the 2024 Spring, Zelensky arrives in the United States, meeting with the president, representatives, conservatives, and members of Congress to explain why supporting Ukraine until its victory is a strategic advantage for the US, democracy, and the free world. 

His visit, however, has been marred by US party politics and politicians who have either unwillingly or willingly spewed Russian propaganda. These attempts are to weaken Ukraine’s campaign of restoring its territorial integrity. 

Russian propaganda has therefore stepped up its campaign to discredit Ukraine, the US President, Zelensky, and Ukraine’s counter-offensive in 2023, to flood the information space with Russian rhetoric, anger, and confusion. 

Therefore, our UCMC analysts gathered some of the most significant statements from Russian propaganda, and their trends, to debunk each and every one of them. 

Russia is Ready to ‘Negotiate’

Serhey Mikheyev, Russian propagandist and former politician

Russia is not asking to hand over Ukraine to Russia. Perhaps this was on the agenda some time ago, but now it isn’t. And if you look at the official statements of our authorities, two very important points remain. First, Russia is open to negotiations, and second, Russia will not occupy additional Ukrainian territory. For Russia, the most important thing is Ukraine’s neutral status with NATO, and of course, the position is that the territory we already have will not be returned to Ukraine.

Explained and Debunked:

In the past two months, while Ukraine fortified its defence positions, Russia seized the opportunity to launch new attacks. Evidence lies in the staggering daily losses Russia endured throughout November and December, reaching record-high deaths. What’s more, Russian intelligence officials conveyed to their counterparts in the UAE their intent to seize Odesa, Kharkiv, and exert political influence in Kyiv, until then, Russia has no intention to cease operations. 

Additionally, reports reveal Putin’s ambition to fully annex Addivika in Donetsk and other territories before the 2024 Presidential Elections to sell to the Russian people a win, indicating Russia’s complete disinterest in negotiating a ceasefire with Ukraine.

Furthermore, Russian military bloggers have outlined plans to feign negotiations while perpetuating missile attacks on Ukraine. Once regrouped, they aim to return with intensified force within a year or two and take more Ukrainian territory. This aggressive rhetoric aligns with ongoing secret mobilizations and military campaigns conducted clandestinely from prisons and Yurial settlements. And lastly, notably, Putin recently authorized an increase in the Russian army’s strength by 170,000 troops, raising its total to 1.32 million – not a move of someone looking for a ceasefire.

Drug addict Rhetoric

Vladimir Solovyov, Chief propagandist

The bloody Kyiv dictator Zelensky – failed. He received neither money nor fame. Once the most sought-after guest in all Western political cabarets, he is now only permitted at closed-door corporate parties for elderly American fathers from Capitol Hill. […] The only relic of his former fame is the dorky smile of a cocaine addict, and the clown has finally devolved into a pitiful laughingstock. This ridiculous beggar, willing to endure any humiliation for a dollar, now makes even his master squeamish.

Sergey Mardan, propagandist and radio host

The humiliated Zelensky will go home without money and clear prospects. 200 million dollars instead of 60 billion – a poor consolation for a cocaine dictator

Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation (state propagandist)

I reckon, following such a “success,” the Bandera clown, filled with frustration and impotence, indulged in a narcotic trip right on the plane…

Explained and Debunked:

For almost two years, the war has raged on, initially gathering widespread Western support due to the unprecedented scale of war in Europe since World War II. While initial attention toward Zelensky over the course of the two years has slightly lessened, ongoing news coverage from the US, Europe, and Russia indicates sustained interest in Ukraine and Zelensky, with many European nations and US polls showing Zelensky with favorable ratings.

Our analysts have previously debunked the baseless rhetoric portraying Zelensky as a ‘druggy’. Russian propaganda has expended considerable effort and resources to propagate the absurd notion that Zelensky is constantly intoxicated on cocaine and other illicit substances to demoralize the internationally loved president, propagate the idea that the nation is being led into oblivion by a leader high on drugs, creating confusion, and tarnishing the president’s reputation internationally. 

This unfounded claim originated during the early days of the war when Zelensky, visibly fatigued after likely only a few hours of sleep, was leading a nation at war, but still actively communicating with the international media. Propagandists exploited this moment, alleging his untamed appearance was drug use. They further distorted his advocacy for calling for medical marijuana use for serving military personnel and told how Ukraine will be a nation high on drugs. Take a look at our previous analysis here

Humiliation of Zelensky’s English level

Tucker Carlson (RUS Telegram channel)

Zelensky was unable to respond to the journalist’s question in English and had to switch to Ukrainian, despite having previously read from a piece of paper in English.

Sergey Markov, political ‘scientist’

A funny scene played out in Washington. Zelensky communicated with US senators in English in Washington. However, he was unfamiliar with some words. He had to look up the word Stalemate, which was frequently used by senators when discussing Ukraine.

Explained and Debunked:

Zelensky’s proficiency in English has notably improved during his presidency, particularly since the onset of the full-scale war. He has conducted numerous interviews in English and frequently addresses parliaments and in English without the use of an interpreter, unlike Putin. Putin’s level of proficiency in English remains unclear, as throughout his presidency, he has seldom spoken more than a broken sentence in English, often preferring to use German (on the odd occasion). Criticizing Zelensky’s English skills appears to be a deliberate attempt to undermine him by selectively highlighting a moment when he switched to speaking Ukrainian, possibly misleading the foreign audience.

The End of the ‘Ukrainian Project’

Olesya Loseva, propagandist and TV host

When there are so many things have been done and there is no turning back, the question of what to start with arises. The US is trying to cover its tracks and get out of the Ukrainian project. But what about Zelensky? Fill in the blanks with your options.

Sergey Markov, political ‘scientist’

The appearance of former presidents Yushchenko and Kuchma in public is an indirect indication that the Americans have decided to replace Zelensky. […] Yushchenko, Kuchma, and Poroshenko believe or are aware that Zelensky will soon join their club of former Ukrainian presidents.

Diana Panchenko, Ukrainian traitor, former TV presenter and Russian propagandist

In Ukraine, there is betrayal on all fronts. The United States is not providing financial assistance. EU rejects [Ukraine’s] membership again. But what matters most is “For what?” What is there [in Ukraine] to live for, to die for, and fight for? 

NOTES ON THE FRONT (FRONTовые Zаметки, 49850 followers)


The only option is for ‘online Democrats’ to blame Republicans for the death of Ukrainian statehood, specifically Trump, and then they can base Biden’s election campaign on that. […] As a result, Ukraine may fall for the sake of Biden’s phantom victory. A fitting end for a true puppet.

Explained and Debunked:

Russian propaganda has been pushing the idea that the Western assistance to Ukraine was a “project” well in advance of the full-scale invasion. The Kremlin’s claims that the US, to which Ukraine is apparently subservient, carrying out the US president’s every wish, has allocated substantial financial resources in order to consolidate its control over Ukraine. 

The Kremlin has made persistent efforts to establish a foothold in Ukraine, encompassing political, cultural, and commercial domains. Its failure to achieve this goal, due to Ukraine opting for a path characterized by democracy, freedom, and adherence to European and American values, deals a humiliating blow to the Russian propaganda machine, which has devoted enormous resources of time and money to its “the Ukrainian project”. 

Ukraine is fighting for its right to exist, and every Ukrainian citizen is aware of the answer to Panchenko’s (Traitor of Ukraine) question “What for?”. 

Propaganda has long attempted to depict Zelensky as an American project puppet. Ukraine’s presidential elections, in contrast to Russia’s, are however conducted under democratic principles and are monitored by international observers. The Ukrainian people elected Zelensky in legitimate elections, in contrast to Russia, where a leader remains in power unchallenged, without opposition, or even required to campaign for re-election, since the outcome was predetermined.