Zelensky Time Magazine Cover: Weekly Collection of RUSpropaganda Rhetoric

Propaganda Digest: This is our weekly analysis that exposes the most exaggerated, misleading, and outrageous rhetoric from recent Russian media sources, aimed at promoting critical thinking to better debunk the manipulation of Russian propaganda.

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TIME Article Information Warfare Influence


An article published in TIME magazine has sparked outrage among those who support Ukraine. The outrage stems from a variety of aspects of the article, including its writing style, word choices, references to sources, and overall design. Many believe that the article, intentionally or unintentionally, aligns with Russian propaganda and furthers its agenda by portraying Ukraine in a dehumanizing and illegitimate light while undermining the belief in Ukraine’s ability to win. It specifically depicts Zelensky as a lonely, if not, somewhat delusional.

Russian propaganda quickly seized upon this article as an opportunity to propagate disinformation and bolster their distorted narrative. They even compared this year’s article to the one from the previous year to emphasize that last year the cover showed hope and belief in a Ukrainian victory. 

Sergei Mikheyev, Russian ‘politician’

Nobody would be interested in it if it was published in the Ukrainian press. It was published in a large Western publication, so it could be interpreted as a signal – to demonstrate, at the upcoming summit, that everything is under control, and I believe they (Ukraine) coordinated and agreed with the West because remember Western media has never been free.


Given Ukraine’s reliance on support from its Western partners to sustain its fight, these interviews serve as a crucial platform for conveying important narratives. 

Ukraine frequently participated in large-scale summits, often on a quarterly basis, ever since the full-scale invasion began. Attributing the publication of this article to an upcoming summit doesn’t carry much weight – why not before the last major Ramstein meeting in which Zelensky participated? It’s worth noting that his previous article by TIME was published around the same time last year, on December 7th, when President Zelensky was named TIME’s Person of the Year.

Vitaliy Milonov, Russian ‘politician,’ State Duma deputy

The sad clown Zelensky will never admit that the counter-offensive was a failure: such an admission would be political suicide. The series “Captain Ukraine,” starring Zelensky, is losing viewers.


Zelensky has admitted that the Ukrainian counteroffensive has faced unexpected obstacles and moved slower than planned. However, neither Zelensky, nor other Ukrainian officials, guaranteed the counteroffensive’s blanket success. Even after the summer campaign, polls show that 76% of Ukrainians trust Zelenskyy, while 81% oppose presidential elections during the war. In other words, there is widespread consensus in Ukrainian society that Zelenskyy should remain president and Supreme Commander-in-Chief until the end of the war.

Evidently, Ukraine will get less attention as the war continues and so this is why candid interviews in Western media are so important, as they help keep the international community informed and engaged in the ongoing war.

Andrei Klintsevich ‘Military Expert’

Time magazine published an article criticizing Zelensky: “The war is lost, allies refuse to help Kyiv, there is no one and nothing to fight with, and Ukrainian officials steal everything they can.”


This statement contains a blatant misrepresentation. While the article did not state the exact words as suggested by Klintsevich, it did employ wording that might lead readers to interpret the situation in that manner. This oversimplification within the article is a key factor that generated significant controversy among fellow journalists. The article’s tone is distinctly negative and lacks the necessary impartiality expected of responsible journalism.

Mykola Azarov, Former Ukrainian PM, and Ukrainian Traitor

The article confirms that the soldiers are not carrying out Zelensky’s orders. This article, in my opinion, serves as a warning to the public that there will be no Red Square parades, no breakthroughs, and no seizing of Crimea. 


After 18 months of full-scale war and nine years of conflict with Russia, Ukrainians would want nothing more than a victory celebration. However, there is no substantial evidence to support the claim that Ukrainian soldiers are not following their orders. If sabotage by the Ukrainian military was true, the Russians would have much more success than the crumbs around Avdiivka, for which they paid tens of thousands of soldiers and hundreds of pieces of equipment.

The suggestion is a deflection and portray tactic. It’s worth noting that there has been ample evidence since the beginning of this war indicating that Russian soldiers, when attempting to retreat, face the threat of a modern day ‘NKVD squad,’ Chechen’s, with orders to shoot any retreating personnel.

Tina Kandelaki, Russian businesswoman and propagandist

You know, wise women know exactly when to start crying if their coats are worn and old – on the days their husbands’ salaries are due. This interview was scheduled for a reason. Following the failed situation on the front, Ukraine’s western patrons are already openly expressing their displeasure.


Kandelaki is known for her professed feminist views; however, her rhetoric often contradicts her stated beliefs, projecting the opposite. Her comparison of Zelensky’s plea to the US for more weapons to save people suffering from Russian attacks, including rape and torture, to that of a lazy housewife seeking money from her husband solely for shiny jewelry shows her disregard for innocent lives and exposes her Soviet-influenced, repressive, and misogynistic mindset.