Ministry of Defense: Militants shell residential areas of Novhorodske and wound a civilian teenager in Marinka

Ministry of Defense: Militants shell residential areas of Novhorodske and wound a civilian teenager in Marinka
Kyiv, April 04, 2017.

Forty-eight ceasefire violations, including 9 involving heavy weapons, were recorded yesterday.

The situation was the most restless in the Donetsk sector. “Despite the announced ceasefire, Russia-backed militants were actively shelling Ukrainian strongholds with 82-mm and 120-mm mortars. Avdiivka, Shakhta Butovka, and Pisky came under most intense militants’ fire,” reported Ukrainian Ministry of Defense ATO spokesman Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk during a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. Two Ukrainian servicemen were killed in action, and five more were wounded. “A soldier severely wounded in enemy shelling near Avdiivka on March 2 died in the Chief Military Clinical Hospital yesterday,” said Col. Motuzyanyk.

From the afternoon till midnight militants were attacking Avdiivka, three mortars shellings were recorded here, as many as near Shakhta Butovka positions. Russian proxies attacked Pisky with small arms and shelled it with 82-mm mortars once. “The enemy briefly shelled Novhorodske’s residential quarters. Other areas of Horlivka perimeter faced small arms attacks. Meanwhile, ceasefire held in Svitlodarsk area yesterday,” added Col. Motuzyanyk. In total, 19 militants’ attacks took place in the Donetsk sector, and seven of them involved heavy weapons.

In Luhansk sector, Russia-equipped militants shelled Krymske with 120-mm mortars at night and used light weapons and grenade launchers near Donets railway station in the evening.

In Mariupol sector militants conducted 27 attacks yesterday. Pavlopil – Shyrokyne remain the most restless frontline. Nevertheless, no heavy weapons were used in this area yesterday, but militants used armored personnel carrier in Shyrokyne and Vodiane, and enemy marksmen were recorded near Hnutove. Russian proxies also attacked Berezove with mortars. “Enemy shelling wounded a 15-year-old teenager living in the eastern outskirts Marinka,” said Col. Motuzyanyk.

Report on the military developments as of April 3 is available here. Interactive data on the shelling: chronology shelling chart and the interactive map.


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