Special project of the Ukraine Crisis Media Center, dedicated to the First Anniversary of Maidan

November 21 – the First Anniversary of Ukrainian Maidan, which demonstrated to the world: Ukrainians are ready to die for their dignity, freedom and their future without fear.

Maidan became the epicenter of cultivation of the new values of Ukrainian nation: ability to stand shoulder to shoulder at the hard moment, responsibility, support, initiative seeking and creativity.

To mark this event Ukraine Crisis Media Center is launching a special project: “Maidan – Rebirth of the Nation”. During the month – up to November 21st – UCMC will hold a number of various events. Sharp questions we arise will force our partners, media and government to seek the relevant responses:

Will Ukraine grow from Revolution of Dignity to the Country of Dignity? Will we manage to secure values, born in the Maidan and blessed by the blood of the Heavenly Hundred in our everyday lives?

We envisage a number of events:

–        a series of press-briefings “Maidan Destinies” – how the life of Maidan heroes changed after Revolution of Dignity, their feelings and sentiments

–        press-briefings with relatives of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes, government stakeholders and civic activists

–        presentation of the renewed documentary “Pray for Ukraine”

–        presentation of multimedia project “UN Hundred – a humble token of gratitude from the Ukrainian people to their international well-wishers”

–        “EuroMaidan of reforms” – has Revolution of Dignity transformed into the Revolution of Efficiency?


Follow schedule of daily events on our web-site uacrisis.org, Facebook  facebook.com/uacrisis, watch live at youtube.com/user/UACrisisMediaCenter.