Special project of the Ukraine Crisis Media Center to the First Anniversary of Maidan


November 21 — the First Anniversary of Ukrainian Maidan, which demonstrated to the world: Ukrainians are ready to die for their dignity, freedom and their future without fear. Maidan became the epicenter of cultivation of the new values of Ukrainian nation: ability to stand shoulder to shoulder at the hard moment, responsibility, support, initiative seeking and creativity.

To mark this event Ukraine Crisis Media Center is launching a special project: «Maidan — Rebirth of the Nation». During the month — up to November 21st — UCMC will hold a number of various events. Sharp questions we arise will force our partners, media and government to seek the relevant responses:

  • Will Ukraine grow from Revolution of Dignity to the Country of Dignity?
  • Will we manage to secure values, born in the Maidan and blessed by the blood of the Heavenly Hundred in our everyday lives?

We envisage a number of events:

  • a series of press-briefings «Maidan Destinies» — how the life of Maidan heroes changed after Revolution of Dignity, their feelings and sentiments
  • press-briefings with relatives of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes, government stakeholders and civic activists
  • presentation of the renewed documentary «Pray for Ukraine»
  • presentation of multimedia project «UN Hundred — a humble token of gratitude from the Ukrainian people to their international well-wishers»
  • «EuroMaidan of reforms» – has Revolution of Dignity transformed into the Revolution of Efficiency?

Follow schedule of daily events on our web-site uacrisis.org,
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watch live at youtube.com/user/UACrisisMediaCenter.