Operational information on 24.00, 13.03.2022 regarding the russian invasion

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: The eighteenth day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the russian military invasion is coming to an end.

russian occupation forces continue the offensive operation against our state. They are trying to gain a foothold in the occupied positions and maintain the pace of the offensive in certain areas.

In order to increase the number of groups in the Polissya, Tavriya and Pivdennobuzhsky operational areas, the enemy is forming and moving strategic reserves to our borders.

There have been cases of mass refusals by russian servicemen to “travel to Ukraine” to take part in hostilities, despite promises of “war veteran” status, additional daily allowances and higher salaries.

Ignoring the norms of International Humanitarian Law, the russian occupiers continue to destroy stationary military and civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. Thus, on March 13, missile strikes were carried out on objects in the settlements of Uman, Ivano-Frankivsk, Starychi with the use of strategic aircraft. In addition, the launch of mobile short range ballistic missile system “Iskander” (SS-26 Stone) from the territory of Belarus continues.

In the Volyn direction, the enemy carried out demonstration operations by units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus along the State Border of Ukraine.

In the Polissya direction, units of the occupying forces carried out measures to restore combat capability and regroup troops, and improved logistics. In order to exclude the suddenness of actions by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the enemy is actively conducting reconnaissance.

In the Northern direction, the enemy focused on regrouping, replenishing supplies, preparing to resume the offensive in the direction of Brovary.

In the Slobozhansky direction, the enemy is trying to gain a foothold on the achieved frontiers, regrouping troops and trying to resume offensive operations on the cities of Kharkiv and Sumy.

In the Izyum direction, as a result of active offensive actions of Ukrainian defenders, the enemy suffered losses in the area of ​​the settlements of Topolske, Shpakivka, Donetsk and retreated.

In the Donetsk and Tavriya directions, enemy units are trying to carry out assault operations, concentrating their main efforts on advancing in the direction of Severodonetsk.

Attempts to capture Mariupol remain unsuccessful.

In the South Bug direction, the enemy is trying to conduct raids and gain a foothold on the achieved frontiers.