ATO Staff spokesman: Russia-backed militants break ceasefire 251 times over last three days


Kyiv, June 23, 2015. Russia-backed militants increase intensity of attacks in ATO zone. The number of ceasefire violations reached 251 times: 82 attacks on June 20, on June 21 – 84, and 85 attacks yesterday, said Major Anton Myronovych, ATO Staff spokesman, at the press briefing via Skype at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Pro-Russian fighters mostly used 120-mm mortars banned by Minsk agreements, shelling Ukrainian military positions 95 times over the last three days. Moreover, an increasing number of shelling from the 152-mm artillery pieces and Grad multiple rocket launchers has been observed at different sections of the frontline; hence militants fired 20 rockets in the area of Nyzhne, Luhansk region, yesterday.

Ukrainian military positions came under fire 85 times yesterday; infrastructure objects have been targeted as well. Pro-Russian fighters fired from multiple rocket launchers, tanks, 122- and 152-mm howitzers as well as 120-mm mortars. Towns near Donetsk were the epicenter of shelling. “After midnight militants have violated ceasefire over 20 times. Last night they were most active near Artemivsk, firing from 122-mm artillery systems and 120-mm mortars 10 times from at Zolote, Popasna, Rozivka, Zaitseve and Troyitske. This morning militants shelled Maryinka from prohibited mortars, grenade launchers and anti-aircraft guns,” Major Myronovych said.