Progress in Reforms: Systematic work and results

Kyiv, August 3 -7, 2015. President Petro Poroshenko has signed several reform laws regarding the national police, traffic rules, the National Accounting Office, and ownership transparency. This signing completes the approval of these laws, most of which are officially published. Thus, no further steps remain and their implementation may begin.

Free access to Dissertations. This latest decision is essential for the success of reforms, as it both  demonstrates that constitutional changes are not necessary in order to implement concrete solutions and that the will of a Ukrainian Ministry – in this case the Ministry of Education – is enough. The decision opens possibilities for competition, which are important not only for the market, but also for the development of ideas and science. Finally, Ukrainians can now fully enjoy the intellectual quest and achievements of our politicians and scientists. And, most importantly, citizens can now enjoy the full extent of their intellectual pursuits and the achievements of political scientists, all the more before they defend their scientific title.

Subordination of the State Fiscal Service (SFS) under the Ministry of Finance (MF) of Ukraine. This step indicates progress in the direction of reforms concerning the structure of the SFS. It is expected that SFS subordination to the MF will help to build and implement a clearer tax policy structure. But, obviously, this is only the beginning of a more comprehensive, institutional reform of the SFS.

Financial markets. The Commission on Securities and Stock Market has used its administrative capacity to halt the trading in the securities to a large number of issuers. Restoring confidence in the stock market and the financial system, in general, requires the active use of existing regulatory administrative levers.