The Ministry of Defense:  five NATO trust funds will open in Ukraine


Kyiv, September 8, 2015. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine will launch five NATO trust funds in Ukraine to the total sum of 5.4 million euro. NATO states will help the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the following sectors: upgrade of connection and automation system (2 million 90 thousand euro), reforming of Armed Forces logistics and standardization system (1 million 195 thousand euro), physical rehabilitation and prosthesis of troops wounded in the ATO (845 thousand euro) as well as troops retraining and social adaptation (410 thousand euro), said spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Colonel Viktoriya Kushnir.

According to Col. Kushnir, the Ministry of Defense supported by international councils, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO experts developed a draft National security Strategy of Ukraine, new version of the Defense sector development Concepts of Ukraine, Defense doctrine of Ukraine and a number of other strategic documents in this sphere, the majority of which had already been approved by the government.

Spokesperson said that the foreign counsels will be involved in introduction of new standards for military training in line with the ATO experience and NATO standards, creation of Special operations force, development of a pilot project on renovation and development of Naval Forces of Ukraine. Sixty two NATO regulatory instruments were processed and came into effect basing on the Alliance standards, including important instruments of material support.

According to Col. Kushnir, annual procurement plan of the Ministry of Defense for 2015 envisages 513 procurement procedures with estimate of over 9 billion hryvnia. The Ministry has already launched 506 procurement procedures with expected value of about 8.800 million UAH in compliance with this plan. Moreover, in the past two weeks state defense enterprises supplied the Armed Forces with 40 land-based radars and 81 units of automotive equipment, fulfilling the State defense order 2015.

Maintenance teams of the Armed Forces and the special brigades of state enterprises returned 302 weapons units and military equipment to the ATO zone to carry our military tasks.