Author of “MH-17:  The story of shooting down of the Malaysian airliner”: I have evidence that pro-Russian insurgents tried to conceal evidence of their involvement in the liner crash


Kyiv, September 30, 2015. Over a year has passed since the MH-17 Malaysian Airlines civil aircraft crash tragedy. All, except two, passenger’s bodies have been identified and collected. It has also been proved that the plane was shot down from Russia-backed-terrorist-controlled territory between Luhansk and Donetsk regions. “I have evidence that pro-Russian insurgents made every effort to conceal evidence of their involvement in the liner crash. In the first three hours after the plane was attacked, 40 dead bodies were removed from the crash site in order to cut them free from the wreckage of a Russian rocket.  The cockpit was also cut as it contained most wreckage,” said Yaroslav Koshiv, an American journalist of Ukrainian origin, at the presentation of his book “MH-17: The story of shooting down of the Malaysian airliner” at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. According to the author, a number of facts show that pro-Russian insurgents repeatedly hindered international investigation of the atrocity. “The main proof is that Dutch specialists could not gain access to the black boxes. Originally, there were two of them and then only one was left,” said Koshiv.

Right after the liner struck the ground, the locals identified the place of the missile launch. This has been confirmed by videos and photos taken by Donetsk region residents. “They clearly show that it was a Buk missile. According to witnesses, it arrived to the location from Kursk, and then returned to Russia after the attack,” emphasized the author. Ivan Krasnoproshin from the 53rd Russian anti-aircraft missile brigade of air defense was responsible for handling the Buk. He was taken to Ukraine by a Russian officer Sergey Petrovsky who had undergone military training in Chechnya. “Also, three officials with leading positions in the so-called ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ turned out to be Russian citizens at the time of the crash. I mean the Prime Minister Boroday, Commander-in-Chief Strelkov and his first deputy Antyufeyev,” said Koshiv.

He also noted that MH-17 was one of 50 civilian aircraft flying over eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014. “You do not need to be a professional to know that radars do not identify military aircraft. A passenger Boing 777 is twice as fast as AN 46. The difference in aircraft structure is also important,” said Koshiv. “So after all, I have one question – why was the plane shot down? I see only one answer – it was usual Russian incompetence. In addition, it is a war crime. Importing military equipment, the Buk missile, from one country to another with military intentions is a significant factor. Responsibility for it lies primarily with Russian President Vladimir Putin,” said the author.

Currently «MH-17: The story of shooting down the Malaysian airliner” is available in English. Purchase of the book can be ordered via the Internet. The cost of the book is $10. Additionally, Koshiv said that soon the world will see the second edition of the book and that it will be translated and published in Ukrainian. “On October 17 this year Dutch experts will present the official report on what happened to the passenger aircraft. After I have read it, I will prepare the second edition of the book,” summed up Koshiv.