Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and UNDP sign Agreement in a bid for international drugs procurement in 2015

On October 27, 2015 the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine (UNDP) have signed the Agreement, which enables medical drug purchases through an open and transparent mechanism for international procurement in 2015. This Agreement is part of the joint efforts of the UN assistance to the Government of Ukraine regarding state medical procurements in the national health protection program. The first phase was signing of the Memorandum between UNICEF and the Ministry of Health. The partnership is aimed at improving the public drugs procurement system, strengthening the capability of the Ministry of Health to ensure transparent and efficient public procurement.

Ukraine’s Health Minister Oleksandr Kvitashvili said: “This is a historic event. The Ministry of Health signs a very important contract with UNDP for the purchase of drugs worth 620,070,700 hryvnia. We thank the UN for supporting and willing to cooperate with Ukraine in purchasing medicines and helping change the entire procurement system procurement in Ukraine so that it will become transparent and effective.”

Neal Walker, UN Resident Coordinator in Ukraine, Humanitarian Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Ukraine, commented: “The UN has a global experience in implementing large-scale procurement for governments of different countries basing on the international principles of openness and transparency. These principles are also important for systemic changes in the area of medical purchases in Ukraine.”

Pursuant to the Agreement, UNDP plans to purchase drugs and other medical products for treatment and diagnosis of tuberculosis, HIV diagnosis and treatment of children with type A, B hemophilia or with Von Willebrand disease, treatment of children with chronic viral B and C hepatitis, treatment of viral B and C hepatitis, treatment of children with orphan diseases.

Director of UNDP in Ukraine Yantomas Hiyemstra noted: “UNDP is a strategic partner of the state in implementing best international practices in public life and the economy. Health care is the most important industry for us to implement reforms and to protect patients’ rights.”  Within the framework of the Memorandum signed between UNICEF and the Ministry of Health, UNICEF will procure vaccines and antiretroviral drugs.

A total of 12 national programs in the amount of 2,197,221,000 hryvnia is planned to submit for international procurement. Within the framework of the Memorandum with UNICEF, vaccines and anti-retroviral drugs worth 827,084,600 hryvnia will be purchased. It is also planned that hematological, and oncological drugs, chemotherapeutic and radiological agents as well as drugs for oncological patients care will be purchased through Crown Agents. The agreement with Crown Agents for drugs procurement worth 750,065,700 hryvnia is at the final stage of approval.

Deputy Minister of Health Ihor Perehinets added: “Signing the Agreement with UNDP and the Memorandum with UNICEF is the first but very important stage of state procurement through international mechanisms. It is expected that in a short time we will be able to resolve all technical issues and launch the tender process together with our international partners. It is very important for us not only to buy through international organizations, but also to reform our own system of public procurement. This will enable us to conduct timely drug purchases. We are also working on it together with our partners.”