Interim director of ‘Ukrenergo’ company: public competition to fill position of tender committee head at NEK Ukrenergo will open on January 1


Kyiv, December 16, 2015. Public competition to fill the position of the tender committee head at NEK Ukrenergo will open on January 1. This committee will be responsible for main centralized procurement worth 20 – 30 million UAH and more, said Vsevolod Kovalchuk, interim director of the state enterprise ‘Ukrenergo’ at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media center. According to Kovalchuk, anyone able to conduct professional activity with a “deep internal anti-corruption inspiration” may participate in the competition. “Absence of work experience in the procurement sphere for state enterprises will be an obligatory requirement for candidates,” emphasized Kovalchuk. Kovalchuk expects the committee will be created by mid-February next year. The committee on competitive procurement will mostly consist of middle ranking officials of state enterprise.

This innovation is one of the company’s steps to secure transparency of state procurement, said Vsevolod Kovalchuk. It is the purpose of openness of tender documentation. There is online broadcasting of tender procedures. The information on the committee members will also be publicly available, in particular, at a new separate trading portal on the Ukrenergo web-site It will facilitate access to the information on procurement conducted by a state enterprise for potential suppliers of goods and services. Besides, in order to secure transparency in tenders, all the procurements are gradually being transferred to ProZorro system. All the interested parties are sent the projects over e-mail. There is also a possibility to file a complaint. Introducing new tender system, in its turn, provided economic effect, believes the interim director of the NEK Ukrenergo state enterprise. “We managed to conduct and finish procedures in time for 145 million hryvnias of expected value, in compliance with the procurement plan. Total value of concluded contracts for these procedures amounts to 123.7 million, i.e. it is a 15% saving,” informed Kovalchuk.
Referring to the tenders on transformers, which are one of the most important today, Kovalchuk said that there were four potential participants following opening of the qualification proposals. Pricing proposals are expected on December 28. “Competition of four absolutely independent participants guarantees market price, whatever it is. […] In general, price of transformers fluctuates between 9.5 to 18 dollars without VAT per one megavolt-ampere, said the interim director.