Third nationwide business tournament for high school students “Strategy of a company 2016” is to help form business elite starting from school


Kyiv, January 25, 2016. Third nationwide business tournament “Strategy of a company 2016” for high school students (aged 13-16 years old) will form business elite of a new type – creative, responsible, capable of achieving prominent results starting already from school, said Vitaly Pazdry, coordinator of the distance business event, professor at Vadym Hetman National Economic University of Kyiv while making announcement about the event for talented youngsters. He said the event helps youngsters stir professional interest to managerial positions as well as develop their entrepreneurial skills. The expert is of the opinion that youngsters need to get engaged into such activities at 14 or even earlier – at elementary or junior high school.

Each participant gets a virtual company with startup capital and full access to its management. “Children are not simply resolving tasks or writing papers. They get their own company with startup capital worth of UAH 10 million, they need to develop it from scratch by purchasing equipment, producing own products, forming prices and advertising it. They live through the moments of vivid competition and try themselves as company managers. They do not only hear about business but also live it,” explained the tournament coordinator. He added that the student will thus realize if business is the occupation he/she would like to pursue in life.

According to Andriy Poplyuyko, assistant professor at accounting and entrepreneurship department of Vadym Hetman National Economic University of Kyiv, the project focuses on economic and managerial topics. Moreover the project helps connect students and their parents to university students and universities. “Connecting schools with universities will help high school students to self-develop, get knowledge and skills as well as grow into true professionals,” noted Poplyuyko. Among the tournament’s aims to contribute to forming of Ukraine’s civil society by establishing the system of relations including economic ones, said Yana Bryk, coordinator at “Poruch” NGO. She voiced the opinion that it is not possible to form the society without creative and socially responsible business elite. “It needs to be formed from the very beginning – when a person is formed as a personality at school,” noted Yana Bryk.

Additionally 20 tournament finalists will have a chance to take part in the summer camp “Truhanov Startup Camp”, said Roksolana Levytska, representative of “Kolo.Media” NGO, organizer of summer camps for professional orientation, co-founder of All-Ukrainian e-learning association and of the POTIK Association for professional orientation. The camp seeks to train children in the area of innovative entrepreneurship. “We have created a unique program that combines personal development, self-organization, a chance to get quality professional orientation training and establish a start-up project,” explained Levytska.

Participation in the Third nationwide business tournament for high school students “Strategy of Company 2016” is free of charge. Applications are accepted until February 13 through the web site: