Complicated things need to be presented in a simple way – brochure “Why Energy Community is important to me?” is published for ordinary Ukrainians


Kyiv, February 3, 2016. “Along with implementing reforms it is equally important to communicate them to as wide a circle of people as possible. How to talk to people about it and to explain them such a complicated topic as energy reform is key,” said Olena Pavlenko, President of DiXi Group analytical center at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. In order to explain it to people in simple words and through infographics a brochure was created. “It explains the principles laid down by EU directives both in legal and consumer language, as well as what consumers will practically get when the directives are implemented,” noted Dmytro Vovk, Head of National Commission of Ukraine for State Energy and Public Utilities Regulation.

Complicated things need to be presented in a simple way, said Mykhailo Bno-Ayriyan, Head of the European Integration Department at the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine. “To the consumer it is not important to be aware of [every detail]. It is important to him to get a quality service and product,” noted Bno-Ayriyan. That’s why it is important to visualize the entire process from the consumer standpoint, he said. The activity does not aim to help business produce electricity or gas, or help sell it to traders. Instead it seeks to give the consumer the right to choose. “The consumer has to have the right to choose. He/she is entitled to quality services and products,” emphasized Head of European Integration Department at the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine.

Anastasiya Yermakova, Eurointegration project manager at DiXi Group noted that when people see the utility bills they often mistakenly get the idea that energy reforms are limited to tariff-forming. “The task the brochure editors were facing was to challenge this stereotype and present comprehensive information in an understandable, interesting and simple manner for people to explain what energy reforms are. The emphasis is on what they will bring each person,” Yermakova explained. The brochure contains much information, examples, facts and numbers that show how consumers will benefit from the reforms, she added.

Natalia Boyko, advisor to the Presidential Administration, energy reform project manager at the National Reforms Council said results of the reform cannot be felt immediately. Time is needed for the rules and market to start operating. That’s why responsible provision and consumption of services needs to be achieved. “Increase of responsible consumption started only after people started seeing that the tariffs had increased, the counter is on and they have to pay more,” noted Boyko. Consumers also need to have the possibility to choose service providers. “It will get them to clearly understand the amount of their final bill and how much they will be paying,” added the energy reform project manager at the National Reforms Council. On the other hand, EU rules, new regulations, launch of new markets need to stimulate the providers to improve themselves – form the tariffs in the transparent way as well as provide quality services,” Boyko is convinced.

According to Yevhen Mahlyovany, Director of the Department for technical regulation and energy efficiency at the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving, it is extremely important to inform private consumers about where, how and in what way they can save energy. He also voiced the opinion that it should be communicated to children. “To increase energy efficiency new generation needs to be brought up based on European traditions,” he advised.

Authors of the brochure in question say it will be distributed through local self-government and local authorities. It is also planned to start cooperating with Ukrposhta (Ukrainian Postal Service) so that the brochures are distributed across the country.