Premiere of the documentary “Crimea, as it was” planned on March 14


Kyiv, February 26, 2016. Premiere of the documentary film “Crimea, as it was” will take place on March 14 in Kyiv. The film is dedicated to Ukrainian troops who did not break their oath during the annexation of Crimea and remained loyal to Ukraine. “When we were shooting this film, our heroes were in the process of soul-searching and lived through their own internal processes,” said Kostyantyn Kliatskin, film director, during presentation of the film at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. According to Kliatskin, the film focuses on emotions of main heroes and consists of three novels: a story about the First Marine Infantry battalion (former Feodosia battalion), Saky Naval Aviation brigade and First surface vessels brigade (at present based in Odesa).

According to the film producer, Oleksandra Bratyschenko, they started shooting the film at their own expense, later the NATO information center and EuroMaidan joined in. In addition to presentation in Kyiv, it is planned to show the film in Mariupol, Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolaiv, Kherson and Odesa. Bratyschenko said the documentaries are not popular among film distributors. Nevertheless, the team will try and expand the geography as much as possible.

“This film can inspire and show that there are people who are the backbone of our country. Strange as it may seem, many of these people come from Crimea,” emphasized Kliatskin. According to Sergiy Malyarchuk, author of the idea, the stories shown in the film are the evidence of the fact that new Ukraine will rely on such patriots.

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