Schedule of press-briefings in Ukraine Crisis Media Center for March 9, 2016

10-00 Topic: “What prevents Ukraine from attracting foreign investment?”
Svetlana Rusakova, VoxUkraine, Head of Proprietary Trading at Dragon Capital
Voldymyr Semenikhin, director for business development and regulatory policies at the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine
Natalia Shapoval, head of the Economic and Political Studies at the Kyiv school of economics, associate editor at VoxUkraine
Serhiy Budkin, partner at the investment-banking company FinPoint
Hlib Vyshlinskiy, executive director of the Center for Economic Strategy
Boris Davidenko, editor at VoxUkraine

11-00 Topic: “The results of monitoring of “Zaitseve” and “Novotroitske” chackpoinrs in the Donetsk region. Problems and proposals”
Andriy Bogdanovich, head of the NGO “Fundatsiya.101”
Zhanna Lukyanenko, representative of the Verkhovna Rada’s Commissioner for human rights

11-30 Topic: “Presentation of the documentary “Sasha X. Wings on the Maidan” dedicated to the Heavenly Hundred’s hero and his family”
Emmanuel Graff, director of documentary (Switzerland)

12-00 Topic: “Presentation of cultural project “RozdIlovI” (Separatives) and the results of the Ukrainian tour (Berdyansk, Mariupol, Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Bakhmut, Severodonetsk)”
Serhiy Zhadan, poet, member of the “RozdIlovI” project
Myroslava Ganjushkina, head of “ArtPole” agency

12-30 Col. Andriy Lysenko, Presidential Administration spokesperson on ATO related issues

15-00 Topic: “New anti-corruption rules for subsoil management and prospects for the reform”
Yulia Kovaliv, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine
Svitlana Kolomiets, Deputy Minister of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine
Oleksiy Goncharuk, Head of the Office of effective regulation “BRDO”

16-00 Topic: “Security Service of Ukraine (SBU): updates on the activities”
Oleksandr Tkachuk, chief of staff at the head of the Security Service of Україне