Single E-Data portal on public spending presented new technical capabilities for working with data


Kyiv, April 13, 2016. E-Data portal on public spending is becoming easier to work through the API (an interface that enables developers to use ready-made blocks for programming and developing applications including the mobile ones). This was stated by Yuriy Filatov, IT-architect of “E-Data” portal, at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “The data volume currently amounts to about 13 million transactions. We understand that access to such data volume and its processing through the web interface is rather difficult. That is why we have introduced access to the portal through the technical interface API,” said Filatov.

The E-Data portal is designed in pursuance of the Law of Ukraine “On the openness of the use of public funds” and shall include information on all transactions conducted by recipients of budget funds. “The difference of the portal from any other resources lies in the fact that it is filled with data regardless of wishes of this or that state agency to disclose this information,” noted Yuriy Filatov. Information on the portal is updated daily. In general, it contains information of two types: transactions of the Treasury and the contracts and statements of the recipient of public funds. “Our large database on contracts already exceeds one million items. Access to them has been provided, but as yet without the API,” noted Yuriy Filatov. The number of requests for transactions is very remarkable. The IT-architect of the portal informed that last week, 3.8 million requests for transactions through the API system were recorded in one day.

Instructions on using E-Data portal API – via the link.