Audronius Ažubalis: There is no conflict in Ukraine, there is Russia’s aggression against Ukraine


Kyiv, June 18, 2014. “We are going to make Brussels well aware of our vision of what we have found out and seen in Ukraine. These days our colleagues in Brussels are fond of the phrase “a conflict in Ukraine”. But there is no conflict in Ukraine. There is aggression that Russia is conducting against Ukraine. We are going to do what it takes to convey and reinforce this message,” stated Audronius Ažubalis, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania (2010 – 2012), Member of the Lithuanian Seimas, at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

There are several aspects of Russia’s aggressive behavior towards Ukraine.” This new kind of war we are witnessing today is not only military attacks with weapons and mortars, it’s also an informational act of aggression. I can define the latest Russian politicians’ statements as a new level of it,” stressed Andrius Kubilius, former Prime Minister of Lithuania (2008-2012), Member of the Lithuanian Seimas, leader of the conservative political party Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats.

In the context of the current Russian military invasion into Ukraine, both Lithuanian politicians are convinced that European Union should immediately and openly declare for the prospect of the EU membership for Ukraine. Mr. Kubilius said that one of the goals of the “Eastern Partnership” program they have created is to facilitate the entry of Ukraine into EU. “We are now the voice of Ukraine in the European structures. Europe must say very clearly that Ukraine can become a member of the European Union. And we will do our best to foster it, » said the former Prime Minister of Lithuania.

Mr. Kubilius also stated that not only Ukraine, but also other countries, including the European Union, should well analyze Russia’s aggressive actions and make the conclusions. “Firstly, Europe should declare Ukraine’s European prospects. Secondly, Europe should pursue its own energy independence. And thirdly, Europe should provide informational defense against such attacks.”

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