Day 447: Ukraine’s air defenses shoot down all six Kinzhal missiles in overnight attack on Kyiv

Ukrainian air defenses destroy all targets as Russia launches an “exceptional” missile strike on Kyiv. Ukrainian troops reclaim 20 square kilometers around Bakhmut as the Russians advance inside the city.

Ukrainian air defenses shoot down all targets as Russia launches exceptional missile strike at Kyiv

Overnight on Tuesday, May 16, an air raid alert was declared in most of Ukraine. In Kyiv, air raid sirens blared twice: as Russia unleashed a barrage of ballistic and cruise missiles, and launched attack drones at the capital. The air defenses destroyed most of the targets above Kyiv, but some debris fell in at least four neighborhoods of the city.  

Ukraine’s air defenses shot down all 18 rockets aimed at Kyiv — six Kinzhal Kh-47M2 aeroballistic missiles, nine Kalibr cruise missiles, three land-based missiles of S-400 or Iskander-M type; six attack drones and three tactical drones. 

The Ukrainian capital was the main target of Russian strikes. All six Kinzhal missiles intercepted by air defenses, were heading toward Kyiv. The Tuesday strike was the eighth assault on the Ukrainian capital this month. The attack was exceptional in its density.  

Missile debris fell in several neighborhoods. In the Solomyanskyi district, the falling wreckage set ablaze a non-residential site and a number of buses. There were no casualties.

Russia said its missile strike hit a Patriot anti-aircraft missile system in Kyiv. The Ukrainian Air Force declined to comment, saying that they will stay out of commenting on Russian sources.

The Office of the President of Ukraine said Russia’s missile strike on Kyiv comes as a “welcome gesture” for Li Hui, China’s special representative for Eurasian affairs, who is visiting Kyiv on May 16 and May 17. He will then travel to four other countries.

Ukrainian troops reclaim 20 square kilometers around Bakhmut as Russians advance inside city

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have reclaimed 20 square kilometers of territory around Bakhmut, while Russian forces advance inside the city. More paratroopers were thrown into the battle, Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar said on Telegram.

“Within a few days, our troops liberated about 20 square kilometers from the enemy in the north and south of the suburbs of Bakhmut. At the same time, the enemy is advancing somewhat in Bakhmut itself, completely destroying the city with artillery. Besides, the enemy is sending in new paratrooper units. Heavy battles continue with different results,” she said.

Malyar added that reports of the combat situation should be viewed as part of the overall defense operation and should not be taken out of context.

The Vatican’s ambiguous stance on russian-Ukrainian war. Ukraine in Flames #432

Pope Francis has repeatedly condemned the russian invasion of Ukraine and called for peace. In his speeches, he often calls Ukrainians martyrs and sufferers, but at the same time, he does not consider russia to be the sole culprit of the war and tries to find some external forces that allegedly pushed the Kremlin to attack. Despite the protests of Ukrainians, the Vatican has already twice arranged a ritual “reconciliation” of Ukrainians and russians on Easter – this year and last year. The Vatican for some reason does not take into account that russian society is not ready to stop the war, without which reconciliation is impossible. Watch Ukraine in flames #432 to find out about the Vatican’s ambiguous stance on the russian-Ukrainian war and whether the Pope has the influence to change the course of major geopolitical events. 


  • Valeriy Klochok, Head of the Center for Public Analytics “Vezha”, Head of the Charitable Foundation “New Road”
  • Liudmyla Filipovych, PhD in Philosophy, Religious Scholar, Professor at Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy