MEDT, Ministry of Finance: Integration of ProZorro public procurement system and E-data portal will increase transparency of budgetary funds


Kyiv, July 15, 2016. Integration of the ProZorro electronic public procurement system and E-data portal will increase the transparency of budgetary funds spending and will give additional opportunities to civil society to control the power. This was stated by Oksana Markarova, Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine, and Maxym Nefedov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, during a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media.

ProZorro and E-data integration will make it possible to verify the timeliness of payments and statistically identify “creative” customers who selectively pay for delivered goods and provided services, isolating “privileged” suppliers. On the other hand, now any supplier will be able to see how customers make payments and to decide whether to cooperate with them or not. To this end we are implementing a clear and easy tool of payment status control,” noted Maxym Nefedov.

A user can take advantage of ProZorro and E-data integration by using an option “check payments” (in the column “concluded contract”), which is now available on the page of all tenders made through ProZorro. When a user clicks on it, he will see the status of payments for a particular tender and with a particular supplier. This information is placed on the page of the project “Search and analytical system 007,” which is based on E-data and actually is its analytical application.

During the presentation of the ProZorro and E-data integration service Oksana Markarova informed  that E-data is the largest open database of public finances in the country. Currently it contains information on more than 25 million transactions. At the same time the Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine admitted that the base cannot meet the needs for information about all transactions of budget holders. Though 100% of budget holders and state-owned enterprises are required by law to register themselves on the portal, currently only 43% and 13% of them, respectively, have registered and are providing information there. “We want to remind that the registration of budget holders and state-owned enterprises on E-data is mandatory by law. We invite them to become organized and to provide full transparency on their expenditures. Because in the near future the Ministry of Finance will take active measures to ensure provision of complete and truthful information in real time to the portal. We will work further on this,” stressed Oksana Markarova.

The Deputy Minister of Finance noted that the demand for information provided on the portal is extremely high. “Almost every day publications appear in the media with references to information from E-data. This proves that our work is needed. Today there are 6 independent services based on API Portal,” informed Oksana Markarova.

The head of one of these services – Nataliya Kravchenko, project manager of 007, noted that the mission of such projects is to transform open data into useful data for achieving beneficial social effect. Namely – to reduce corruption by increasing transparency.