Military intelligence: Militants keep 30 Grad MLRS near frontline


Situation escalated as militants attempt to push Ukrainian soldiers from their positions. The adversary actively deploys prohibited by the Minsk agreements weaponry.

Kyiv, July 22, 2016. Ukrainian military intelligence registered 54 cases of militants’ violation of Minsk agreements regarding withdrawal of weapons and military equipment. 45 tanks and five mortar launchers were found within the 15-km zone. 27 cases of non-withdrawal of 90 artillery pieces and self-propelled artillery mounts were registered in the 25-km zone. “Moreover, 12 fact more were registered involving 30 units of 122-mm Grad multiple launcher rocket systems in the vicinity of Horlivka, Debaltseve, Donetsk, Makiivka, Lisne, Lozove, Pervomaisk, Yasynuvata inhabited localities. This information was presented to the command of the Joint Center for Ceasefire Control and Coordination (JCCC) for recording and fixation in line with the established procedure,” informed Vadym Skibitskyi, representative of the Chief Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (CID MDU) at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.
CID MDU representative said that the situation along the entire frontline largely escalated within a week. Militants were trying to force ATO troops from their strongholds in the vicinity of so-called Svitlodarsk bulge, Avdiivka industrial area and western outskirts of Donetsk. “In total, 474 attacks and assault operations took place within a week. Moreover, adversary was actively using 122-mm and 152-mm artillery mounts to shell our subdivisions,” said Skibitskyi. CID representative added that Russian occupational forces command continues adjusting tactics of detachments and units deployment.  “For instance, use of mobile mortar pieces is observed. These are 82/120-mm mortar launchers mounted on Ural trucks to conduct provocative attacks,” he explained. Moreover, militants actively deployed subversive reconnaissance groups, and firefights took place in the vicinity of Mariinka and Bohdanivka.

Military intelligence identified that militants enhanced high-technology reconnaissance during the week. For instance, EW equipment R-330 “Zhytel” and mobile radio monitoring system “Svet-KU” were deployed in the vicinity of Vodiane, Shyrokyne, Kalynove and Almazna. “Activity of EW group of separate motorized rifle brigade (Horlivka) and use of multifunctional EW complex Rtut-BM has been confirmed near Horlivka. Electronic warfare complex “Shypovnik-Aero” was deployed in the central part of Donetsk in order to counter unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV),” said Skibitskyi.

Detachments of separate UAV squadron were working in combat alert duty status during the week. 13 UAVs flights were registered, one of them from the territory of Russia. According to the military intelligence, two company combat teams of the 18th separate motorized rifle brigade of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation are located on the occupied territory in the east of Ukraine in the vicinity of Donetsk and Krasnyi Luch.

“One company combat team of the 18th separate motorized rifle brigade is on stand-by on Kadamovskyi training area (Rostov oblast, Russian Federation),” said Skibitskyi. He added that Ukrainian intelligence established personal data of Russian officers, warrant officers and sergeants from the 18th separate motorized rifle brigade (military base 27777, home base Khankala and Kalynivska, Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation) of the 58th army (Vladikavkaz) of the South military command taking part in combat activity on the temporarily occupied territories in the east of Ukraine on rotation as a part of combat teams (see below).

Moreover, the intelligence received information on six injured militants from the 18th brigade.

Skibitskyi informed that on July 18-21 command of Russian occupational forces conducted the second stage of command-staff exercised of the 2nd Army Corps with code name “Shield-2016”, engaging subdivisions of the 2nd and 4th separate motorized rifle regiment, 7th separate motorized rifle regiment, 3rd motorized rifle battalion and 1st motorized rifle battalion of the 6th separate motorized rifle platoon). “The exercise was aimed at drilling offensive/defensive including forced crossing and fire control of TOE and attached units,” he said.