Ukraine-Turkey relations have their logic. Russia not to affect them – Ambassador of Turkey


The Ambassador of Turkey to Ukraine reassured that the Turkish-Ukrainian relations will not change in light of the restart of relations between Turkey and Russia. Turkey reconfirmed consistency of its position regarding Crimea and Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

Kyiv, July 29, 2016. Relations between Ukraine and Russia, as well as relations between Russia and Turkey, have no influence over the Turkey-Ukraine relations, said Yönet Can Tezel, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Ukraine at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “If Turkey’s relations with Russia improve, Turkey’s relations with Ukraine will continue their positive path that we have determined. Why? Turkish-Ukrainian relations have their own political, geopolitical, economic, cultural logic, and rationale of their own. Relations with Russia do affect them in any way, but the path is clear and we will continue it. Our policy towards Ukraine will not change. It’s in our interest that Ukraine is strong, well-reformed, democratic, integrating with Europe,” Ambassador explained.

Ambassador Tezel noted that for Turkey it is important that Ukraine preserves its independence and restores its territorial integrity including Crimea. “Crimean Tatars are brothers. Their leadership cannot go to their homeland. Our position is clear and will not change,” emphasized Yönet Can Tezel.

Ambassador of Turkey to Ukraine is convinced that the restart of the dialogue between Turkey and Russia will have a positive effect both for the EU and for Ukraine. He noted that restart of communication between the countries and the upcoming meeting of Erdogan and Putin in Saint Petersburg will only help spread this message. “We will use that channel to the benefit of Ukraine, Crimea, and Crimean Tatars,” he reassured.