Schedule of press-briefings in Ukraine Crisis Media Center for August 11, 2016

11-00 Topic: “Structure of the illegal armed groups and how they are guided from Moscow”
Semen Kabakaev, director of the project “StopTerror”

11-30 Topic: “Language campaign in Kyiv on Independence Day” 
Yaryna Chornoguz, сo-founder of the civil initiative “Switch to Ukrainian”, coordinator of LanguageMarathon-25 (“Movomarafon-25”)
Svitlana Okhovych, coordinator of the first LanguageMarathon (“Movomarafon”) in Kharkiv, all-Ukrainian youth NGO “Regional Initiatives Foundation”
Anastasiya Rozlutska, director of the NGO “Ukrainian World” (“Ukrayinskyi Svit”) , co-coordinator of the campaign

12-30 Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, Presidential Administration spokesperson on ATO related issues

13-00 Topic: “Why did Ukrainian media become an obstacle for equal access to politics?” 
Oksana Romaniuk, executive director of the Institute of Mass Information
Denys Kovryzhenko, senior legal advisor at IFES Ukraine
Taras Shevchenko, co-head of the Reanimation Package of Reforms Council, director of the Center for Democracy and Rule of Law
Oleksandr Burmagin, media lawyer, NGO “Institute of Regional Press Development”
Tetyana Lebedeva, honorary head of the Independent Association of Broadcasters
Pavlo Moiseyev, director on legal issues, “Internews Ukraine”
Galyna Petrenko, director of the NGO “Detector Media”
Oleg Rybachuk, head of the NGO “Centre UA”
Inna Borzylo, executive director of the NGO “Centre UA”

15-30 Topic: “Olympiad-84 in Donetsk”  
Dmytro Levytskyi, initiative participant
Yelyzaveta Oliynyk, initiative participant
Piotr Armyanovskyi, initiative participant
Lesya Berezdetska, initiative participant
Ruslana Koniyenko, initiative participant
Oleksandr Burmaka, initiative participant