A ton of first aid kits is ready to go on US air force to Ukraine

Kyiv, June 19, 2014. “60% of mortality occurs due to catastrophic bleeding. Red Cross and Ukrainian World Congress bought over 700 kg of the prefilled first aid kits, that will allow Ukrainian soldiers and civilians save their lives in the areas of ATO“ – stated Marko Suprun, international initiative “Protection of Patriots” at a briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

10 tons of individual first aid kits are required to fully cover the Ukrainian army needs. The cost of one such kit is around 100$ each. There are no equivalents in Ukraine.

Red Cross staff has already done trainings in Kiev and ATO zones for Ukrainian servicemen and civil people who are under constant risk.

“The existing protracted regulation procedure blocks the immediate use of the prefilled first aid kits in Ukraine. The only possibility is to obtain a one-time certificate for the complete batch of kits delivered from New York. This means that Red Cross will need to purchase over 8 tons of the kits and dispatch it to Ukraine in one go”, – explained
Mark Suprun, speaking of the issues they face.

According to Uliana Suprun, Director of Humanitarian initiatives, Ukrainian World Congress, the existing Ukrainian legislation create a substantial barrier for humanitarian aid. Receiving of all the necessary documents in line with so called “express“ procedure will take at least 4-5 months. In current situation of the escalating unrest in eastern Ukraine every day can cost human lives. “The “green light” from Ukrainian authorities is painfully needed to bring the humanitarian aid to Ukraine“, resumed Dmytro Logginov, the Red Cross Federation.