Creators of the documentary, “Winter on Fire,” awarded with Television Academy Honors


The film documenting the Euromaidan protests in Ukraine, “Winter on Fire,” receives television honors for its international importance to the modern world, internationally comprised film crew, and unique use of crowdsourcing to fully capture the events of Euromaidan.

Kyiv, August 23, 2016. The film crew that worked on the documentary, “Winter on Fire,” was awarded with the Television Academy Honors. “This is the first time that Hollywood does not only acknowledge the international importance of the film and its contribution to the modern world, but also holds in high regard the team that created it. It is the first time that the Television Academy acknowledges the international composition of the film crew – the UK, Ukraine and the USA. It is a symbol that Ukraine has its cinema and there are talented young people who can show that they are together, as it was on Maidan. That you can get together and win, prove that the film industry of Ukraine is not worse than in Hollywood,” said Yevgeniy Afineevsky, co-producer, awarding the Ukrainian team at a press briefing held at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

“This film is a requiem for those who died on Maidan, a film about the courage of the Ukrainian people, a film telling the story of Ukraine as an independent state,” said Volodymyr Golushkov, representative of DI laboratory “Kompaniya Konitur”. “I am very grateful to all the cameramen, who were on Maidan – they shot unique pictures that made history. I am also very grateful to the professionals who participated in postproduction because together, we achieved this result. So many people worked on this film that it is, in fact, a people’s film and I compliment the authors on this,” said Sergiy Nerepin, First Deputy Head of the State Agency of Ukraine on Cinema.

Yevgeniy Afineevsky reminded that the film had been compiled from hundreds of videos taken by different cameramen at different times – some with the use of ordinary mobile phones, some with professional cameras. “When we fixed the first camera on Maidan to broadcast around the clock, we had no idea how things would turn out. But we understood that we had to work,” says Lina Klebanova, co-producer. “We truly documented all 93 days of creating a new Ukraine, the dignity of all our nation from top to bottom, in all its social diversity,” noted Galyna Sadomtseva, co-producer. Seven cameramen were wounded over that time, once a grenade exploded under foot during live broadcast. Doctors removed a fragment from Galyna’s leg (she jokingly calls it a “hello” from Maidan) only three months ago.

“This is the first time in the history of Ukraine and the world that such a film was made through crowdsourcing – engaging people who joined us. Such filming, made by the efforts of professionals and amateurs, is unprecedented and we are pleased that we managed to do it and it has been acknowledged, they understand the social and public importance of the film,” said Lina Klebanova. “We are pioneers. This is not our final award because Ukraine is developing,” added Galyna Sadomtseva.

On November 21, the second anniversary of Euromaidan, the Ukrainian premiere of the film “Winter on Fire” will be on Channel 5. “It would be a good idea to show this film to our representatives in the Ukrainian parliament as a reminder that the nation is a force. I hope it will happen one day,” said Yevgeniy Afineevsky. He also informed that the film is nominated for a Creative Arts Emmy Awards. The winners will be announced on September 11 in Los Angeles.