Campaign “Defended by Ukrainian soldiers” dedicated to the Ukraine’s Defender Day


Kyiv, October 11, 2016. Ukrainian information space launches the campaign “Defended by Ukrainian soldiers”, dedicated to the Ukraine’s Defender Day, which is marked on October 14.  Its main goal is to remind the Ukrainian society about the daily heroism of servicemen, who are at the forefront, and to express our respect and gratitude to them for the opportunity to live a peaceful life. This was stated by campaign organizers at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “We ought to remember whom we owe that we can do what we do – entertain ourselves in peaceful cities, do things we love, learn, reform the country,” said Volodymyr Kadygrob, culture manager. “In the reality in which we all have found ourselves, they are guarantors of our peace and freedom”.

“When I said after the victory that I dedicate it to my fallen friends and Ukrainian military, these words were said not for self-promotion, but with feelings of sincere gratitude. This is our elite, who now defend our territory,” stated Andriy Demchuk, Paralympic champion (fencing). He added that the example of their resistance and courage was a decisive stimulus for many Ukrainian Paralympians in Rio.

Volunteer Iryna Soloshenko remembered many of her friends from ATO, living and dead; who despite all the injuries and the challenges continued to do what they felt necessary. “They just want us to understand that they are our defenders. They are, indeed. […] My friend Zhenya, “Black Doctor”, once told me: “What’s the point in our defending, if you exhaust yourselves? You should relax, live, enjoy, fall in love, give birth to children, and think about the future, because you need to make this country better.”

The campaign will be conducted on TV and social media. “We have distributed four themed videos to all TV channels. I suppose they will be on air from today,” informed Gennadiy Kurochka, UCMC co-founder and Board member. But the primary emphasis is made on Facebook. “From the initiative web site you can download special profile and cover pictures dedicated to the Ukraine’s Defender Day. You can share them. You can support the volunteers or write a letter to the military. Please, do not remain aloof about it,” stressed Volodymyr Kadygrob.